Minoxidil beard surely does work

This is basically on the grounds that they are precisely the same, however rogaine is twice as costly due to being the “first brand”.

The rogaine brand is simply less expensive and works similarly too. Subsequent to applying minoxidil it’s prescribed that you don’t wash your face for the accompanying the numerous hours┬áto let the arrangement retain and work its enchantment in the hair follicles.

Following a year and two months, despite everything I see new hairs flying up on the upper cheeks from minoxidil utilize.

Be that as it may, consider the possibility that I quit utilizing Rogaine, will my whiskers tumble off.

No. There have been many individuals who utilized minox to develop full facial hair, then quit minoxidil beard, shaved, and still developed the whiskers similarly too.

Once you’ve enacted the hair follicles to develop terminal hair, that won’t mysteriously stop regardless of the possibility that you’d quit utilizing the minoxidil arrangement. The speed of the hair development may marginally back off, and the rate of NEW hair on the face may gradually seize, however certainty is that you won’t lose the hairs picked up.